GTD Track Day 2003.  Goodwood.

Yours truly togged up for the track.  I sat out most of the morning session with teething trouble on my new engine, anyway I had it sorted by the lunchtime parade and gave the car a gentle thrashing in the afternoon (picture courtesy of John Bransgrove).


Proof I made the grid, along with 36 others.





CAV 40.  I have to say a bit disappointing by many UK car standards.  Nice engine but a rather dull interior with nasty modern steering wheel. It also sits very high at the rear.  Wheels look good, but the mis-placement of the aircon condensor shows its parentage (GTD?).  I may be being a bit controversial but if the price really is 68000, I think you could get a better car for 1/2 that second hand, unless you have to have a monocoque of course.