Ford Centenary at the Heritage Motor Centre

A Ford Centenary day was held on Sunday, May 11 at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK.

There was a large gathering of Ford cars at the museum.  Free admission was granted if attending in a Ford.  The GT40 Enthusiasts Club joined as an exhibitor with no less than 12 GT40 replicas on show.

The museum is ironically of Austin/Rover origin, but with Ford now owning the adjacent Land Rover factory and the museum, dilution with Dagenham's finest is becoming evident.

Most notable of these, at least to Club members, is GT40P/1089.  This is one of three cars which remained un-assembled at the of production in 1969.

In 1994 John Willment (of JW Automotive Engineering - JW also representing the initials of the team manager John Wyer) decided to complete these last genuine GT40s.

The first of these three cars, 1087, was completed for the 30th anniversary of the Ford GT's first win at Le Mans in 1966.

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