Engine Rebuild

Build Day Topics covered
Day 1

Preparing the garage

A review of parts

Day 2

Removing the engine from the car

Day 3

Stripping the engine

Day 4

Checking build

Day 5

Checking piston clearance

Day 6



Day 7



Blanking off the pontoons

Degreeing the Camshaft

Day 8

Baffled sump

Electronic ignition

Day 9

Intake Manifold

Gearbox upgrade

Day 10

Gearbox shaft

Electronic Ignition

Handbrake and sump clearance

Pontoon covers

Cam bearings

Fuel Pumps

Day 11

Thermostat Housing


Day 12

Intake Manifold bleed

Intake Manifold porting

Day 13

Block machining

Day 14

Valve Covers

Pontoon covers

Day 15

Valve covers and baffles

Gearbox primary shaft

Spigot bearing installation

Day 16

Porting the intake manifold

Bleeding the intake manifold

Day 17

Valve Cover Baffles and gaskets

Spark Plugs

Exhaust Ports

Cam bearing removal and refitting

Tapping the block for 1/2" studs

Day 18

Header repainting

Intake manifold venting

Day 19


Header tank

Timing Tape

Day 20

Block machining

Day 21

Block preparation

Day 22

Block preparation

Steam cleaning

Cam bearings

Day 23

Starting the rebuild

Day 24


more engine build

Day 25


more engine build

Day 26


Valve train

Intake manifold

Day 27 Engine and gearbox installed
Day 28 Engine started!
Day 29 The first run out on the road
Day 30 Getting the miles on the clock