Engine Rebuild Day 8 - Friday July 25

Not much time for progress today, but I have the whole weekend ahead now.

New Sump:   Brian Magee is making me an original style sump with wings, trap doors and a windage tray. He had a question on the exact nature of my oil pickup as the one that was to be used is hard to locate. According to Tom Monroe there have been several types.  The advantages of a digital camera and e-mail is very clear.  Brian is learning to get to grips with his new 3 in 1 folder, roller and some other function I forget - obviously Christmas comes early in Newbury!

Electronic Ignition  I went for an MSD 6AL multiple spark ignition system coupled with a Mallory Magnetic trigger distributor.  The MSD distributor was originally favourite but there is a space problem between the engine and bulkhead meaning that heavy braking could crush the distributor cap.

As a small job I fitted this on the passenger side bulkhead.  The rubber mounts have an American/imperial thread but it must be very close to M5 as they fitted the M5 pressed inserts.


That made the job easy.  I mounted upside down because the wires come out to the left (in normal orientation) and because the rev limited 'module' is on top in this mode.  Having put in the 8K rev module I now have to wire it up fully - only kidding I put the 3K module in. Shame you don't get a 5K module as an intermediate step to the 6K limit I will have install when the engine is fully run in.

I also worked on the MSD as I thought I should get the high priority jobs done first.  I also realised that if I move the fuel pumps I also have to get the right hand fuel pump wires to the other side.