Engine Rebuild Day 29 (Goodwood Track Day  - 2)

I am sorry there are no pictures tonight! 

Getting it ready was never in doubt, was it :))  I have to say it has swallowed three times the effort and time I expected (I never learn with 40's!!)

I have now done 250 miles and plan to get a few more in before Monday.  The over-running seems a lot better (that is it doesn't do it as badly now). I am using 97 octane fuel and have the ignition a few degrees retarded from perhaps a normal setting. 

This morning I checked the cam timing again but this time looked for the peak lift position (intake centreline).  I didn't actually try to hit the peak but took the same lift height either side and averaged the reading.  It was 3.5 degrees out as far as I could measure.  Since it can only be +/- 17 degrees out, I put the difference down to measuring errors or different ramps on the cam perhaps.

The other possible cause is lean fuel I suppose. I will look at the plugs tomorrow to see if they have a story to tell.

Frank also tells me that MSDs tend to allow run-on.  Since they store charge this could be relevant. It was suggested a diode has been used to good effect.  We used to do this for start up circuits to drain down capacitors on switch off -  I'll try it if I can find one heavy enough.

Like Phineas Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days, I may appear to be one day out with my reckoning.  However this is not from travelling eastwards but I because I counted the number of whole working days left!!