Engine Rebuild Day 26 (Goodwood Track Day  - 5)

Yesterday was a bit tough.  Plenty of progress and going well until I installed the lifters, pushrods and rockers.  I couldn't get them to adjust properly.  I thought I had made a huge mistake and damaged one or more lifters, as I got a few 'twang' noises from the lift gear when turning the engine to set the preloads.  This noise was like a valve closing rapidly.  Anyway after speaking to Frank Catt, Dave Millham and Real Steel I decided to strip and rebuild the hydraulic lifters.  I am glad I did.  Several would not 'plunge' but were solid and some were much more springy than others.  Here are the parts of an Edelbrock lifter.  The clip on the right is the real b*st*rd, difficult to get out.

I spent all afternoon taking each one apart, cleaning the insides of oil, lube and what I took to be varnish?.  Basically they would not spring up and down, but when I had finished they were all nice and smooth.  I think what had happened is that one or two had jammed in the up position and then when sufficient valve spring pressure built up, they had freed and sprung down, releasing the valve to close suddenly - anyway that's my theory. Suffice to say I had no trouble setting up the preload on the second attempt this evening.  I think you can see the brown line to the left of the recess - this is not oil, its stuck to the piston.

So I got the rockers on again.

And just a few minutes ago the intake manifold and the valve covers.  Almost ready to put back in the car!!

and talking of putting it in the car - not easy without engine mounts.

Brian modified the x-member and it arrived today.  I have installed it already with the pontoon covers etc, so the bay's ready too.  Thanks a bunch Brian.

So tomorrow, with the help of my son Jack, I expect to have the engine back in the car.