Engine Rebuild Day 24 (Goodwood Track Day  - 7)


As promised a few more pictures of the sump.  Having filled it with water to look for leaks I then spent some time trying to free one of the trap doors as a bit of muck must have become lodged behind the hinge.  Any way I managed to clear it OK.

I am currently trying to make the outside rusty to use Hammerite spray on it.  this is great stuff but much better if it has a bit of rust to adhere to!





You can see the wings on the sump. Overall the depth is reduced which helps if you plan to lower the engine in the chassis.

The only annoying part is that Brian told me his design requires that you take the sump off every 1,000 miles to oil the hinges :(

There's also a windage tray.

Main engine build

I made progress on this but it's slower than expected.  All the gapping of rings, fitting rods to pistons (including tightening/untightening the rod bolts 4 times - as per ARP instructions), fitting spiral retainers, bearings takes finite time.  Also I did take quite a time fitting the piston/rod assemblies to the block. I just managed to finish that job tonight.

The spiral retainers were fun (not)!

Apparently Keith Black insists on these rather than circlips, I hope he has a good reason because I found them very fiddly and only got the knack or putting them in by the 7th piston! Circlips are a breeze by comparison.

Here are the rod/pistons ready for installation.  I took them indoors for assembly as not only is it cleaner but it was much cooler.  I am hoping that by the time I start my engine it is back to normal English summer (however without rain) as I need it cool to run in.