Engine Rebuild Day 23 (Goodwood Track Day  - 8)

Starting the build

Another long day but productive. The camshaft was in and lubed up with moly. Engine building is the same as decorating its the preparation that takes all the time.  You send ages, cleaning, wiping, oiling, greasing and ten seconds bolting it all together!

The plugs are installed and the oil filter adaptor on again.

 Then putting the crank in.  Cleaning the bearing caps and ensuring the bearings are clean.

I checked the end float with a dial gauge.  Its supposed to be between 4 and 12 thou, mine was 6 thou.

First reading.                                      Second reading.

Then gapping the rings.  Mine are file flat Speed Pro which have to be filed from no gap when new - which does allow any figure to be set. The KB hypereutectic pistons create higher chamber temperatures which means the top ring in particular expands more. For this reason a bigger gap than typical must be set.  I set the top one at 30 thou, this is 4 thou additional for the extra temperatures that GT40 tend to experience in the engine bay, I wanted to be conservative on this, its close to the towing gap (perhaps that trailer is psychologically in mind!).  You can see the ring gap in No. 4 cylinder.  And, no, I haven't installed the piston back to front in the adjacent cylinder, it's there to keep the ring at right angles to the bore for gap checking.


Brian arrived with the sump, and it looks the business (more photos tomorrow). 

We offered it up the engine bay but horror it didn't fit.  Brian had advised me of the dimensions before and I had calculated it would just clear the cross member.  In the end it doesn't quite fit. We decided the only option was to alter the cross member and we then set about trying to remove it.

First my lovely pontoon covers had to removed again.  But trying to get the actual X-member out was more difficult.  It seems it must have to sprung in as the bolt holes do not line up, either that or the weight of the engine has affected the fit.  Anyway after a couple of hours and a great deal of sweat in a garage registering about 90F we succeeded.  Brian's going to cut and shut it to create more room.

I had intended to start the engine on Monday but this may be delayed a day or tow, especially as various appointments eat into my time.