Engine Rebuild Day 19 (Goodwood Track Day  - 12)


A quick picture of one of the finished silencers, painted last night.

Header Tank Connections

The new bleed valve to the header tank needed to be merged into the system.  I used a T junction which turned out to be rather elaborate although I was advised by the supplier it was the simplest method.  With a -3 JIC, push on hose and 1/4 NPTF connections it is a big of a dogs dinner.  I might need to remake it as the connection to the tank still seems to turn too easily.

Balancer Timing Tape

As I found it difficult to read off the timing marks last year when I adjusted the distributor I have bought a Mr Gasket timing tape.  This was relatively easy to fix, let's hope it stays attached.

You can see my earlier timing mark attempts using scratch marks. I am pleased to say my guess of 10 degrees advance was accurate. I used a tailors tape to measure the circumference and then calculated the position in mm.