Engine Rebuild Day 18 (Goodwood Track Day  - 13)


Recent talk on the forum has been critical of the ceramic coating quality on exhaust pipes.  After two years (4,000 miles) my headers are looking decidedly second rate.  (As is my grass with the heatwaves we have had over the last two months!)

The finish has just disappeared in large areas. I don't think it was a good value at 225 for the coating (inside and out).  The silencers which were not done are no worse although of course they don't get so hot.  It's difficult to know if the coating is having the supposed effect of lowering temperatures by 30% under the deck.

I rubbed down and resprayed the headers with some black Sperex high temperature paint.  It looks pretty good at the moment (no photos as it was getting dark).

Manifold Air Vent

The only other thing I did tonight was to offer up the intake manifold to the bulkhead, fortunately the water pipes are in a fixed position so the thermostat housing gave me excellent location.  I was then able to measure the vent pipe length and get the end made up.  Tomorrow I will fix the various adaptors into the water header tank.

I also managed to get a 10mm spark plug socket so I can tighten the plugs to the correct torque tomorrow too.