Engine Rebuild Day 14 (Goodwood Track Day  - 17)

Valve Covers

Yesterday was the sort of day you long for the normality of a Citroen Berlingo (diesel)!  Still I did order some valve covers which arrived today.  I had intended on altering my Cobra covers (which may not be original GT40 fitments but I like them and they are period) but being rather short of time I took the short cut and bought some Edelbrock named covers.  I would have bought some no name versions but they were not available at short notice. Even so they are very handsome - the picture doesn't do them justice.

For the record here are my existing covers unfortunately not tall enough to house the roller rockers with high lift cam. They look even smaller as they are farther away, a point the young priest in Father Ted couldn't quite grasp :))

I think the new ones will just go under the deck even with the PCV valve installed but not with the normal breather.  I have to find a solution to this yet - ideas anyone?

Pontoon covers

A few days ago I  made these covers and found time tonight to spray them and fit them. They do seem to make the engine bay neater and hopefully will reduce the hot air going back down along the sills.


Today I also received various parts to vent the rear of the intake manifold of trapped air. Another little job to get out of the way at the moment.
I also finished wiring up the MSD unit, it was only the power lead but it needed extending with an in-line joint, which was a bit tricky.