Engine Rebuild Day 13 (Goodwood Track Day  - 18)


I called the machinist at 1 pm today to check the piston to bore gap he planned to hone (as I was told that my  piston scuffing was likely to be caused by overheating and that wider clearances were better for GT40 engines which tend to run hot), and also I wanted to check on progress.  To my very pleasant surprise my job was already finished, he knew the urgency and without prompting had moved on to his urgent list.  Oh and by the way the block has three cracks in it!!! Who said 13 was unlucky for some!

Here are two of them. Between no. 2 and 3 cylinders (or is it 6 and 7).  So the block's a write off.  Apparently they weren't visible until the decking was done.

Nil desperandum.  Firstly I checked on the availability of a new block but many of the parts (including the crankshaft which I just had balanced) wouldn't fit - plus it's lot of extra dosh.  Secondly I had been talking to another club member recently who has a spare block (in fact I nearly bought it a few weeks back) and within an hour I was on way to view it and hopefully get it to the machinist.  Unbelievably by 4pm the block was at the machinist, however he now needed some main cap bolts to hold the block in the jig.  I could have mailed them but not until tomorrow which with luck would still have meant he couldn't restart the job until Friday earliest - fortunately again Roy (Snook) came to the rescue and will deliver some tomorrow (thank's a million Roy).  I am now hoping Roland will give my job priority again.
That's it for today, its been a bit stressful, and two trips round the M25 don't help!