Engine Rebuild Goodwood Track Day  - n n n nineteen

Firstly it's worth looking again at yesterday's diary entry as I added some photos of the problem with the thermostat housing.
Bleeding manifold

No I am not annoyed with it but I have to ensure that I allow any air trapped at the rear of the heads to escape, otherwise, the water flow around the heads is compromised.  As there is no water passage across the rear of the Performer RPM manifold I need to drill and tap the manifold into the waterway at the end of the head and take pipes to the water header tank.

I had put the gaskets on the manifold and heads to establish where the holes have to be drilled but first I want to order all the relevant parts to make up the pipes.  This will consist of a Goodrich type loop between the heads (which allow allow a small amount of water to pass and any trapped air.  At the highest point of the loop I will put a 'T' in and run another pipe to the header tank.  An option is to run two separate pipes from each side to the header tank, in some ways this is simpler except when you have to merge all these pipes at the header tank.

Intake manifold porting

While checking the above job out I noticed that the head to intake manifold match is not very good.  The heads themselves seem fine against the manifold gasket...

but the ports on the intake manifold itself are not well matched to the gasket...

these really need porting out to match the heads.  One difficulty with scribing the outline for the porting is that the heads fit at an angle to the intake as you can see from the angle of the bolt holes.  The result is not going to be perfect but it should be a large improvement on fitting them in this state.