Engine Rebuild Goodwood Track Day  - 20

Thermostat housing: My GTD thermostat housing did not have a flat face on its mating surface.

This is because there are various tubes and bits welded into it, this has distorted the face. 

I managed to seal it before by using copious amounts of RTV sealant.  I was going to mill it flat but as the thermostat has to fit in a recess in the face and there is very little clearance I decided to just use some emery paper to rub it a bit flatter. I fixed the paper to the bench and held the housing - this seems to have made a fair difference and as it didn't ultimately leak before it should be OK this time too.


Owing to working and also having to mend a table I accidentally broke Saturday night, I didn't spend much time on the car today.  I did rebuild the gearbox and reassemble the bell housing to the main gearbox unit. I have yet to cut down the clutch to gearbox shaft but I have the old one to copy.

I will put the new shaft in just before re-assembling the gearbox to the engine.  As it has to use a form of stud loctite to prevent it floating back and forth between the flywheel and the gearbox - and the fact that it is not a tight fit - I want to be sure the 'glue' goes off with the shaft in best alignment.

At least this is one quite time consuming job nearly done.  As I say the shaft still has to be cut, it is case hardened and I cannot make an impression with a hacksaw and a high quality blade I just procured.

Its been recommended that I grind it off, well I always wanted to buy an angle grinder so now's my opportunity!