Engine Rebuild Day 10 - Sunday July 27

Gearbox: Good news on the gearbox job.  I did find a second, outer, 6mm pin in the shaft. With the benefit of a clear view it was relatively easy to see.  After knocking this one out the shaft just came off.

Having removed the shaft and sleeve I then had to part the two as they are glued together.  This took quite a bit of doing holding the sleeve edge over the vice and using a 1/2 socket extension as a drift - not chance of it accidentally coming loose in the 'box!

I started to cut it to length but either my hacksaw blades are rubbish quality (which they probably are) or the shaft is hardened - either way I couldn't make much impression.  So it's round to Bill's again to use his lathe to do the parting.

Electronic Ignition:  I then decided to wire up the ignition I installed the other night.  This is obviously a high priority.  It's all straightforward except that you have to follow the Mallory wiring diagram rather than one of the confusing number of MSD examples.   Mallory show one specifically for the MSD6 which when you examine each connection in turn matches the description of the wires in the MSD manual. 

I still have to attach the main power lead as it was too short to reach across to the nearest battery connection (on the starter motor).

Handbrake and sump

I found another job while I was working in this area - I realise that the handbrake is going to foul my new sump as it will have wings making it much wider than the current one.  Experts on my SVA test (only me probably) will remember that a failure point was the handbrake cable touching the sump.  I made up a wider spreader (you can see it above) but even this won't be wide enough for the new sump.  I can lower the spreader a bit without affecting its operation - best done now while the engines out.

'Pontoon covers'

I have made the covers for the sides of the engine bay.  Here are the photos of the final fitting exercise.  I do need to paint them now.

I realise I could have made the right hand side one larger at the front.  They act mainly as a barrier to hot air going into the pontoons but they can't be a seal as so many services make their way to the engine or gearbox.  I hope they will at least lessen the effect of hot air coming out of the gear knob gaiter.

Cam bearing removal and refitting: I have a new set of cam bearings and Roy has lent me some special tools to remove the old ones and fit the new ones.  Camshaft bearings are not all the same size.  They start off larger at the front and get smaller towards the flywheel end, this makes it easy to install a new camshaft.  I checked out how I will be using them and also tried the new bearings against the tools and also on the the camshaft.

I was a bit surprised you can actually feel the play between the journals of the camshaft and the bearings I'll check the allowed play.  As I said before I want to be as prepared as possible for when the engine parts come back.

Fuel pumps: I looked at doing this moving job but I can't get the sills off the car in the garage and can't move the car as it doesn't have an engine so this will definitely have to wait.  And anyway "if it ain't broke then don't fix it!"

I will run a wire across the engine bay so the right hand fuel pump can be used on the left hand side eventually.