Engine Rebuild Day 1  - Friday July 18


I am finally getting around to rebuilding my engine and hoping I can have it on track for Goodwood.  After a long time pondering my navel I thought it time to throw caution to the wind and go for it.  Owing to my well-know lack of space in my garage, I have now built a mezzanine!

I had nowhere to put the rear clip and Sue wouldn't let me keep it in the dining room, not even for two weeks (or so)!

Anyway the first floor works great and now also has my seats under the clip.  The only problem is that its about 5 feet high and I am about 5' 10" so I have to be careful! The GT40 at 40.5 is fine underneath and I had to compromise to get enough height for the second floor.  Escalator under design :)

I can still get into the car (just) and managed to remove the seats through the roof!

I built the floor Thursday evening (July 17) and today Friday, I have started to strip the engine in preparation for it's removal and upgrade.

I am planning to change many items (in fact most), but owing to budgetary constraints am re-using every possible part of the current engine, especially the block.  This has made the enterprise a bit risky as I want it done for Goodwood and have paid for the track day (now there's an incentive).

See below for the full intended spec and some parts I have already.

Oil Cooler

Not content with the engine upgrade I have also added an oil cooler.  You can see the inside air flow panel which directs air from the side past the cooler.  I also have fitted a quadrant of ally to the side, ahead of the wheel arch, which deflects the air though the cooler.

The stone guard seemed a good idea even though not attractive.  In the picture below I have added the Aeroquip hoses, remembering to avoid running through my intended air-con compressor on the other side.

I hope I can get air-con done through the winter as I have decided it really necessary (especially of late).

Incidentally if you need Aeroquip/Goodrich hose it's half-price imported from the USA even after shipping and tax - we are being ripped off in 'treasure island'.


This is progress by Friday evening.  The late evening sun makes photography difficult.  Silencers, headers, distributor, plug leads all removed.  Lots of ancillary connections undone. The starter is also off and the drive shafts unbolted ready for the gearbox to be removed.  Tomorrow I hope to have the engine out and on the engine stand.

I have to check for the piston to valve gap and also to spark plug.  Edelbrock seemed to have changed a few things on the current heads, as Frank Catt helpfully advised me. 

Engine components

Here are a few of the new items I will be fitting. Look at those valve sizes. The intake is 2.20". These are both Edlebrock Performer RPM units.  Mallory electronic distributor and Eagle I-beam bushed rods.

Below you can see the pistons I am using.  I went for the Keith Black hypereutectic on value-for-money grounds.  They are nicely machine finished and give a sensible 10.6:1 C/R ratio, whereas the other option of TRW forged would have been over 11:1 AND needed milling to avoid hitting the spark plugs.

Head problems

I did notice a couple of problems with the Edelbrock stuff (as on the camshaft previously).  Firstly one of the valve springs is not seated properly.  They seem to have a plastic cup on the head and if you look carefully you can see the valve spring to the right is skewed.  I think this can easily be corrected by releasing the valve and re-seating.

Then another more serious issue that Frank raised, Edelbrock have changed the exhaust ports. In their literature it says that ports of the headers should be matched to Fel-Pro 1415.  You can see it is a mismatch, and my exhaust headers fit the rectangular 1415 gasket.  As a minimum this is not optimal for gas flow but Frank advises that the seal on the top is not made well as there is not much flat area as might appear to the case under the gasket.  Question is do I change the headers or port the heads?  I would rather not mess with these new heads but the headers will not be smooth with a build up just at the flange area GRRR! nothing is ever straightforward!  I think I shall e-mail Edelbrock.