Installation of an Electric Water Pump
Electronic distributor
The focus of this year's work was on an engine rebuild suitable to merit being in a GT40.  Although I started later than anticipated, and it ended up going to the wire before Goodwood, I did make the track day - just.

I shall have to put it on a rolling road to find out, but it should make >300 ft-lbs between 3,000 and 6,000 revs with peak power being over 350 bhp.

Check progress of this build here...

Bodywork preparation.  I spent a huge number of hours during the Spring and Summer of 2002 preparing the body for painting. 

I had chosen SMS Autospray to do the final spray work.  Although they were in Lincolnshire 90 miles away, this did have the benefit of a nice run in the 40.

My car eventually took the SVA test in July 2001.  I had originally hoped to get it through before the stiffer regulations came into force at the beginning of 2000, but everything took a lot longer than anticipated (a common experience building a 40!).

Read about the test here ...